Struggling to understand/practice composition

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Welcome to the club. I've been taking pictures a very long time and I still struggle with this. The trick is to make the camera do as much of the grunt work as possible so you can concentrate on framing and composition. Dig into the manual and see what specialized functions the camera offers. Manuals usually explain what each function does and when to use it.

You also have to reset your expectations and embrace the fact that you're going to have some kind of technical failure every time you go out shooting. That's just how it works. You use the wrong white balance all day, you set the camera on Manual when you wanted Aperture Priority, the cat chews on your memory's endless.

The good news is that the engineers who designed your camera put all their education and experience into creating a metering and imaging system that works 99 percent of the time. That means technical issues will ruin about 1 percent of your shots.

I feel lucky if I get one good photo for every 10 that I shoot.

Frustration is the toll you have to pay if you want to travel down the road marked "Photography."

PerAE wrote:

as a beginner there’s so much to keep track of on the technical side that I almost forget too concentrate on what I’m actually taking pictures of. And why .

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