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Re: Z6 - headphones only work during playback

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IllumeNL wrote:

I'm not getting any sound through my headphones using either the Auto or Manual camera mic settings on my Z6. The only time I get any sound is during playback. I have tried two sets of headphones -- one of them Apple earbuds. Both headphones are working fine in other devices. So I'm unable to monitor sound during recording video, which is a serious problem. I'm now wondering if this part of a larger issue, as follows:

I purchased a Deity V-Mic D3 Pro mini shotgun mic that attaches to the Z6 hot shoe. Thinking the preamp is probably superior in the Deity than the Z6's, I began experimenting by having the camera mic settings set to 1 or 2 (Manual), and then adjusting the gain knob on the Deity mic. However, even with the gain knob on 10 (highest setting), there wasn't nearly enough signal. This is with a subject approximately four feet in front of the camera/mic. In fact, I have to crank the in-camera mic setting to around 14 and the gain knob on the Deity to 10 to get usable audio. Perhaps this is "normal," but it seems excessive to me. Efforts to contact Deity have gone without response, so I thought I'd ask here as I this is my first experience with the Z6.

Thanks for any guidance you can provide.

Do you have the headphone volume up in the movie shooting menu?

Thanks for the reply. Yes, no sound when it's all the way up to 30 (max).

My initial instinct was that this could be due to using an Apple-specific TRRS headphone jack (yes, they did this) rather than a standard TRRS or TRS; but I've validated that all sets seem to work.

Are you positive you are getting no sound via headphones (because the sound is definitely fainter, depending on your settings) and mic signal strength?

The reality is that you can't just dial in the lowest mic setting and expect perfect audio.  The mic needs to output a strong signal as well.  You should set the camera to the highest mic value that you expect won't clip.

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