Why is it hard to get 5D4 shutter count ?

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Re: Why is it hard to get 5D4 shutter count ?

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As a pro gear, I don't understand why we have to use a third party software. Shutter count is like the odometer if my car. Except all cars have it... Why Canon is "hiding" this information ?

Unless you have done something extraordinary, the approximate shutter count is in the file name.

Is it ?

The file name denotes where it is within the 9,999 shots before it resets back to 0001 again. I wasn't aware of a method of determining if the body had taken 59,999 or 79,999 shots (or 339,000 vs 379,999) - unless the photographer keeps VERY meticulous records.

I keep all my RAWs (and I only shoot RAW) in folders with names like Canon238. This folder will contain images from shutter counts 23,800-to-23,899 to eliminate the problem. Afterwards i process the batches and put the final *.jpgs in folders like Thanksgiving2018,...

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