Z6 - headphones only work during playback

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Re: Z6 - headphones only work during playback

Just to be 100% sure, I put an external microphone on my Z6 and plugged in a pair of headphones. During video recording, I can definitely monitor the sound using the headphones.

Since your headphones work on the Z6 during video playback, I assume the headphones are plugged in correctly, and the headphone jack is working. Maybe double check the connections one more time. The headphone jack is right above the microphone jack on the left side of the Z6.

When my D750 was new back in 2014, it took me several months to finally plugged in a Nikon GP-1 GPS unit. It turns out that the GPS jack on that D750 was not working. I verified it with another GP-1A and then sent the D750 to Nikon for warranty repair. (Both GPS units worked with other bodies.)

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