New (?) Olympus vs Panasonic 100-400 info

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Re: New (?) Olympus vs Panasonic 100-400 info

Danielvr wrote:

If it is true that this lens is essentially a Sigma design, then the more likely explanation is that Sigma's optical stabilisation isn't fully compatible with Oly's, or not as capable.

The fact that the optical formula is partly the same has zero or near zero impact on any other aspect of the lens.

My point is not about the formula, it's about the (supposed) fact that a third party designed and quite possibly manufactured this lens, which could have greatly reduced Olympus' ability to build it to its own standards.

It did not prevent them from redesigning the focusing group to achieve their goal (faster focusing and shorter minimal focusing distance). So why would IS module be any different?

I mean, sure, they could use an off the shelf part.

Specifically, I think that Oly decided to go with the off-the-shelf OIS unit that Sigma is using for the C/N/S-mount versions of this lens (whether for financial, technical or timing considerations),

Maybe, but then why would it be rated lower than Sigma's solution?

and that this sub-optimal sync-IS is the best compromise that was achievable under those circumstances.

Maybe. Or maybe it was simply cheaper to make it that way. And keeping Sync IS as an exclusive feature for the PRO version.

Or maybe there's some inherent limitation in the Sigma's design that simply made it impossible or impractical to use the kind of IS module that would enable Sync-IS.

Also, this lens is a value proposition. It offers great quality at a comparatively low price. It would make perfect sense to me if Oly is keeping full sync-IS exclusive to its Pro line, so as not to cannibalize their own hi-end sales (in particular those of the upcoming no holds barred 150-400 f4.5). So, even if it might have been technically possible for Oly to add full sync-IS, I don't think they were motivated to do so -- and good for them.

Yeah, I'm sure this was a consideration as well.

Either way, I'm sure it was cheaper to do it the way they did. And getting that OIS+IBIS is still better than having just one of those.

Could have been worse. They could have removed IS altogether, like Pentax does to their Tamron based lenses.

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