Is this Minolta lens fake?

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Re: Is this Minolta lens fake?

Altmeta wrote:

Upon inspection, I noticed a circular mark in the middle of the lens that wasn't there before. Attempted to wipe it off using some breath and lens tissues but no avail. It seems to be a groove rather than a mark.

If you're sure it won't come off at all, it's probably either a scratch in the lens coating or a scratch through the lens coating into the glass. I see other marks there as well, and at least one of those looks exactly like a scratch or small chip in the glass.

Does it affect the use of the lens or is it a cosmetic defect?

It most likely won't affect images, but only testing can tell you for sure. In any case, whether it affects images or not, it detracts from the value, so you'll have to mention the issue if you offer the lens for sale again.

I don't want to cause an issue to the buyer unless it's impairs the functionality.

Are you taking about the buyer who bought it and returned it, or a potential new buyer?

Also, any ideas what may have caused these grooves?

It's not uncommon for people in the general population who handle lenses to do things to them that end up scratching or otherwise damaging the lens coatings. It's less common for them to do things that actually damage the glass. However, it would be extremely uncommon for a professional photographer to cause any such damage to a lens he just bought. See my earlier posts for my opinion about that.

The uniformly circular nature of the big mark in combination with the many other smaller marks suggests the possibility that 'someone' could have tried to clean the rear element in the wrong way and/or partially disassemble the rear section of the lens for some reason, and perhaps was very sloppy with the tools used.

I wish you good luck in your dealings with the former buyer and/or your next buyer, as the case may be.

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