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What is reality?

AutoFokus wrote:

High fidelity (often shortened to hi-fi or HiFi) is a term used by listeners, audiophiles and home audio enthusiasts to refer to high-quality reproduction of sound.

(by Wikipedia)

HiFi in Photography: so this would mean in photography that the picture closely resembles reality.

I don't think that's actually the case anymore. "Reality" is a very nebulous concept in audio. I don't think Hi Fi is about natural reproduction, it's about faithful reproduction of what is on the medium. But what gets put on the medium (vinyl, CD, etc.) has gone through quite a bit of processing. It might sound "real" or it might sound "effected". But it is generally a studio production and even if live, it's gone thorough a number of processing steps to bring out its best and a lot of that involves unnatural/electronic effects that sound anything but natural but they sound really good.

But nowadays almost all pictures are;

- corrected / distorted / altered... and this is far away from reality.

and so, today it is better to master PhotoShop than know how to make good pictures with good knowledge of Photo tehnology.

What do you think ?

I think if you listen to modern music, it's all very processed and yet, some of the very processed music sounds really great.

Original Capture: in both cases, the "original capture" is often bland and needs some work to be its best. Music needs to be mixed, eq'd and effects added to make it sound good. There is no "natural". Images need to have levels adjusted and even effects added before they look good. We start by making a 2D representation of a 3D space, so by very definition, we are not doing something natural in either case.

Natural - most music isn't live so "natural" is an interesting notion. Most of it originates in a studio, one instrument at a time. Most of the effects like compression and reverb can sound really great but don't come from anything "natural". You can apply cathedral reverb electronically to audio without ever being in one. Spring reverb isn't natural at all nor does it sound like anything in nature. But it sounds good.

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