Struggling to understand/practice composition

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Re: Struggling to understand/practice composition

TheGrammarFairy wrote:

When shooting animals always make sure to get the entire width of any visible horns, antlers, tails, whiskers, snouts or any other unique feature.

This is a pretty restrictive idea.

There is a primal part of the human brain that wants to see how big or small or long or short or thin or thick they are. I assume it goes back to when we were all hunter-gatherers when we still knew how to judge the age, sex, and general health of our prey by looking at the horns and other external features.

You can apply exactly the same principles to humans - age, sex, general well-being (and likelihood of being friend or foe) are equally important and primal but no one says that portraits should have the same restrictions as to frame coverage.

A photograph is framed to show such parts (whether a large or small proportion of the whole) as the photographer wants to show.

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