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Re: The problem with a flipping (!) mirror in burst mode

Barry Pearson wrote:


Sometime ago I put my K-1 on a tripod, set for burst mode.

I held another camera to the K-1's eye-piece and shot a video during a burst.
I hope this video is downloadable here:

This is one reason I want to stop relying on a mirror in burst mode.

I didn't think of this by myself.
I copied the idea from a YouTube video by someone criticizing another brand of SLR.

The reason I did it myself is because I wanted evidence that what I was complaining of wasn't my imagination!

If someone does not see this effect with their Pentax dSLR in burst mode, please do a similar experiment so that I can compare the results!


Before I decided to go for the Canon R5, I watched a lot of YouTube reviews and discussions:

They didn't show "through the eyepiece".
But they did show how suitable the viewing was for video, which is probably more than I need.

I won't know how good the Canon R5 is for panning and tracking until I try it.
It could be a very expensive mistake!
But I seriously doubt it.

VF blackout is obviously something unavoidable with the flippy mirror. The slower the FPS, the more apparent it is.

Then again, mirrorless cameras (at least some of them) aren't free of it either:

I have never been bothered by it, but if you are, then certainly going mirrorless is the way to go.

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