New (?) Olympus vs Panasonic 100-400 info

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Re: New (?) Olympus vs Panasonic 100-400 info

mount evans wrote:

Astrotripper wrote:

mount evans wrote:

For Olympus to equip the 100-400mm zoom with OIS, but not make that OIS compatible with the IBIS, sounds like quite a gaffe.

Do you mean the fact it does not support 5-axis Sync-IS? Yes, it sucks. Having that would be amazing for video.

However, it does support operation of IBIS and OIS together for improved performance. It's just not as robust as Sync-IS. Sync-IS fully utilizes 5-axis IBIS and adds the 2-axis correction by the lens on top (so both IBIS and OIS correct yaw and pitch together). Here, OIS corrects yaw and pitch and IBIS corrects the roll.

I have never heard of OIS and IBIS "partially" working together.

Me neither. Up until now. I believe this is the first.

Everything I have read made it sound like either the lens IS and the body IS are meant to work together in your camera brand's trademark-named system, or you have to decide which one of them to turn off to prevent them from fighting with each other and making things worse.

Actually, the last scenario is impossible to achieve. If the camera does not support combined OIS+IBIS operation, it will simply not allow both to operate at the same time. I have Panasonic OIS lenses with and without physical IS switch and there's just no way to force both OIS and IBIS to be enabled at the same time.

I keep reading that their are only two lenses with OIS--the M.Zuiko 12-100mm and the M.Zuiko 300mm--for which Olympus users do not have to make this decision.

That is correct. At least for cameras that support Sync IS. From what I remember, on cameras without Sync IS support it worked just like with Panasonic lenses that have physical IS switch. I vaguely remember trying it on my old E-M10 back in the day. But don't quote me on that, it was quite a while ago.

But then, until now, those were the only two Olympus lenses with OIS.

So, can you point me to any documentation of this third situation, OIS and IBIS "sort of" working together?


Frankly, I find it extremely disappointing how Olympus absolutely failed to put that essential information in their promotional material. People who got the lens for testing early also did not receive this information.

To have to learn about it from release notes on firmware updates is just ridiculous.

The result is predictable and not good for Olympus.

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