GX10 - still hopeful

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GX10 - still hopeful

It's been done before, but I'm feeling anxious and want to talk again about a possible successor to the GX9 or GX8. Either would appeal to me, and I can't help but feel we're nearing the time for a rumor or announcement.

I still have my GX9, but it's getting less use these days. My copy has strange, unreliable IBIS behavior (probably from dropping it). It's no longer under warranty, so I'm eager for an upgrade. (Comments about tough luck can go without saying.)

I'm not a diehard/loyal to Panasonic or m43. I've bought into the Fuji X100 series, which covers my main use case for photography. But I still use the GX9 with the PL 12-60 for trips, and for occasional video, and I could imagine adding more m43 lenses to my kit (UWA, portrait), if Lumix releases a great GX10. But otherwise I might abandon ship. The Sony a6600 suits me very well on paper, and the Fuji X-Pro 3 appeals most to my sensibilities. I hope Panasonic understands their competition.

I would also totally consider a PEN-F II, but I assume that'll never happen. Too bad; if the video features and IS were modernized, I could switch to Olympus. But honestly, I am happy to explore larger sensors, now that those brands are catching up with m43 in the ways that used to separate it from them. (Stabilization, compactness, maybe not price yet)

A Lumix S1X might also do the trick. If Panasonic decides to go FF for their next flat-top body, I could be convinced. But money and compactness remain factors for me, so I'll make this appeal for an m43 GX10, before walking away. I'd love for Panasonic to really convince me/us to stay, with some sort of wow factor. I'm not sure what it might be, but this is my list of hopeful features:

- Excellent IS. Dual IS on the GX9 is much lower than the G9, or anything from Olympus. Can they step this up to something like 7 or 8ev? Or does the form factor limit them? The X-Pro 3 with OIS 16-80 f4 (similar to the PL 12-60 f2.8-4, but faster at the longer ends in terms of equivalence, and basically the same size/weight) gets 5.5ev - I think this is actually better than my current kit, with the advantage of cleaner SNR. Panasonic needs to strike back.

- Video Features. Why no firmware rejuvenation for the GX9 like the G9 got? The best the GX9 has is 4k 24p @ 100Mpbs. 200Mbps seems like a no-brainer. 24p in FHD seems obvious as well, and a cruel omission currently. Actual slow-motion (at least 120p if not 240) is long overdue. I won't expect and don't really care about 10-bit 4:2:2, but I'd take something like that. Just get to the level of the E-M5 III, at least.

- Excellent connectivity. It's minor to many people, but this needs to have USB-C, including power delivery (PD) while operating the camera. Would make streaming/vlogging way better. Also add a mic jack (which I hear is at least rumored already), and keep the HDMI of course.

- Better sensor/res. The real elephant in the room - we're waiting for breakthrough tech here, but I guess there are no rumblings of it coming out soon, and it's foolish to expect it to debut in the GX line. But it's happened before! I would settle here for high res mode, hand-held, please. Oly needs to start sharing their tech with Panasonic. I also think it's crazy that m43 is stuck at 200 for base ISO. 800 equivalent?! Let's lower that!!

- PDAF isn't a big deal to me, and I don't expect Panasonic to suddenly add it. I was reading all the hate about the new E-M10 IV on this point; I think people make too big an issue about this. I'm not shooting a lot of action, and DFD works well. But eye detect would be great. I do want to record to camera, so advancements here would help. And reliable, fast focus should always be improving. Again, the GX series should be competing with the Sony a6600 and Fuji X-Pro 3. They've made huge advancements lately.

Actually, that's all I need. Weather sealing would of course be great, but not a dealbreaker. OLED VF would be cool, but I'm not a big complainer about the field sequential thing; I'd take a lower price instead of OLED, I guess, but they should probably ditch field-sequential just for the PR around it.

My only other issue with Lumix is their app - would love to see this improved, but at least it's better than Fuji's.

The GX8 is appealing as well, and I'd take the bigger body/grip for the weather sealing and OLED EVF, even with the flip screen. Just modernize the danm thing.

What I appreciate about the GX9, which I hope stay:

- Rec button. Fuji doesn't do this on their higher end cameras, which is another deterrent from switching. It's oh so helpful to shoot video immediately, without changing drive modes. Most Sonys and Canons have this, of course.

- Exp Comp dial. I love this dial, and want it to be even easier to use. (Mine is stiff.)

- Tilt EVF. More than just a gimmick! Very cool feature.

- Tilt screen. I'm happy with it. I suppose the best implementation of any LCD is the Fuji X-T100: tilt up/down and side as well, forward-facing. Let's add that, or the S1H version, or the a6600 style of facing forward over the top. Otherwise, not a huge deal, fine how it is.

- Form factor. I just cannot imagine having a camera that doesn't put the VF in the left corner. Otherwise, of course I'd consider the X-T4, G9, a7 III, etc. It's crazy to me how RF-style lovers are such a minority.

Curious what others would add here, and if anyone has any insights or prognostications about a possible release date.

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