Struggling to understand/practice composition

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Re: Struggling to understand/practice composition

Autonerd wrote:

PerAE wrote:

I’m new to this photography thing (besides using my phone) and I’m having a hard time understanding how to compose my photos in a good way. There’s a tendency to put the subjects smack in the middle when I look at my photos. Not in all of them, but a lot.

Generally, it's better to go in closer and focus on specific elements in the scene. Closer is generally better.

You can also consider background blur (depth of field) -- that cat picture might be interesting if the background was blurred, which you can do by opening up to a wider aperture (lower f/stop number).

There's also the (overused) Rule of Thirds:

It's a simple one that you can play with -- learn the rule then start breaking it.

Also look for elements beside the subject that can help enhance it. Example: In your duck picture, the rings of water help to draw the eye to the central subject.

Best idea is to try all kinds of variations on the same subject. Different framing, zooms, aperture, shutter speed (if blur is possible), etc. One of the advantages of digital over film is that you can take a bunch of shots at no extra cost, so I say shoot the daylights out of any given scene and see what you like!


Solid advice this, thanks! It strikes me when looking trough some recent photos that many of them would have benefited from getting closer, too many times there’s too much empty space

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