Intentional Color Corrections Planned for Display in Ambient Light

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Re: Intentional Color Corrections Planned for Display in Ambient Light

flyinglentris wrote:

Tom Axford wrote:

flyinglentris wrote:

Clearly, I was referring to prints.

If that is the case, what Michael Fryd said is correct and you don't need to worry about the lighting, within reason.

The exception to that Is if the print has its own light directed just at the image. In that case, the colours may appear wrong if the colour of the light shining on the print is different from the ambient lighting of the surroundings.

If you don't believe that the human eye & brain automatically adjust white balance, have a look at this optical illusion that was doing the rounds a year or two ago.

I fully understand that human eye sets its own white balance. But at 64 years old, I have also experienced situations where certain lighting conditions do taint the eye's capacity to adjust, especially where certain relativities of adjacent colors are important.

For instance, if the print is lit by light of a single wavelength, you are not going to be able to discern color.

If the print is being lit by sodium vapor lamps, big chunks of the spectrum will be missing.  You may not be able to compensate for that.

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