New owner Ricoh GR ii any tips or best settings set up

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Re: New owner Ricoh GR ii any tips or best settings set up

Read The Manual 😀👍

Seriously, GR II is highly capable camera with lots of controls - like a DSLR - and you have to try different settings to see what works for you.

What I find important:

  • Be sure to use Auto-Hi ISO in TAv mode, not Auto - Auto in TAv is not limited to 800 ISO and goes all the way up to 25600.
  • Learn how to use Snap focus and change the Snap focus distance quickly - Snap focus is simply one of the most important features of this camera IMO.
  • When you copy My Settings Box settings to MY 1-3 presets and want to edit the settings afterwards, if you edit a copy in My Settings Box the changes you made are automatically propagated to the selected MY slot (My Setings Box preset and MY slot to which the preset was copied are linked). Once you edit any of the settings outside of the My Settings Box, the settings of the MY slot become disconnected from the My Settings Box they were copied from and any subsequent changes in the My Settings Box preset are not applied to the MY slot (unless you manually copy the My Settings Box to the MY slot again of course).
  • Remember that once you activate FA/Move Target feature it stays active and has to be canceled by entering the FA/Move Target screen and pressing Cancel (or switching the camera off). Otherwise you can be surprised certain focus related features behave differently and you don't know why.
  • If you use GW-3 wide angle conversion lens remember to set Setup/Conversion Lens accordingly - it does change the way Snap focus is set with the lens.
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