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Re: A7Rii collecting dust

rashid7 wrote:

Good news: there are many compact, affordable and solid IQ options (finally) for Sony.

Bad news: you may regret migrating.

Be careful! I have both, and my A7rii is largely collecting dust.

I also prefer to use my MFT cameras for casual shooting, because of the weight differential.   I prefer the convenience of zoom lenses over primes, and when the whole package is taken together the A7rii with a good zoom is about 1200 grams compared to my Pen-F at 650 grams.

However, when the subject is special and the detail matters (that can be either landscapes, or city scenes with lots of interesting detail), the A7rii makes a noticeable difference for detail, and also in dynamic range in high contrast scenes.   So I use my MFT more, but the A7rii isn't exactly collecting dust.

I only carry a tripod if I'm shooting a night scene, so the hi-res mode on the Pen-F is of no use to me.

It's true that the processor on the A7rii is a bit dated, so if you want the latest in Sony tech you have to spring for extra cash, such as the A7riii. I don't do much high speed action shooting, so for my purposes the A7rii is quite fast enough.   The used prices on the A7rii (which is how I bought mine) make it a great value for what it does.

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