Wait for Ryzen 4000?

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Re: Wait for Ryzen 4000?

Robert Zanatta wrote:

tkbslc wrote:

Robert Zanatta wrote:

Intel is still faster for single core performance.

With double the watts power usage, it’s a few percent ahead, yes.

Passmark single core performance test. Top 18 processors are Intel.

OK.  That's one synthetic test.  Cinebench R20 Single Core puts 3900X and 10900K at a tie and the Intel at a significant disadvantage for Multicore.

Most of the user submitted tests, like passmark or geekbench, the high scores will be from significant overclocks.  Intel can overclock single core much higher than AMD, yes.  If you are an extreme overclocker and care about having top single core scores, then Intel (and a big cooler and PSU) are your jam.

Top Intel processor is 13% faster than the top AMD processor (10900F vs 3800XT). TDP for the 10900F is 65W and for the 3800XT is 105W, so I don't know where you get the "double the watts usage" from.

Intel is stretching the truth with their TDP.  That rating only applies at base frequency.   When they turbo, which they always will,  they can pull massive watts.  10900F and 10900K can pull 225W at full load based on multiple reviewers.   Peak for 3900X (with more cores) is in the 135W range.   So not exactly double, but almost 100W difference.

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