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Currantos wrote:

How is the effect different between panning and something moving fast in the scene while the camera is stationary.

Rolling shutter defect wil occur in both cases.

Is it just a recognizability issue? If all the poles in the picture and the houses are tilted one way that is super easy to see and is abnormal? But if the wings of the bird are bent we don't recognize it?

The object you pan doesn't move much during exposure. And you are right, dirstorted straight lines are much easier to detect than distorted curved, organic shapes.

Wouldn't anything moving at a certain speed be distorted? That's why people talk about photographing ceiling fans to see the blades "bending" by motion?

Yes - when something is moving fast in front of a stationary camera, or the camera is being moved fast.

I still have the hardest time understanding the concept of electronic first curtain shutter, I finally understood the full electronic "problem".

Think of electronic first curtain shutter as a replacement of the first curtain on the mechanical shutter. When using EFSC, the mechanical second curtain will end exposure, and you get about the same result as with full mechanical shutter when used at shutter speeds where just a slit (narrower the faster shutter speed) is passing the sensor vertically, normally faster than 1/250 sec.

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