Digital beginner (35mm amateur) asking for advice on the first camera

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Re: The em10ii will be perfect

amit190 wrote:

The em10ii will be perfect for you needs :

1. Costs nothing second hand.

2. Very compact for street.

3. Great for beginners , simple ,with lots of features.

4. You can use an arsenal of more then 100 lenses for the system , most of them are really cheap.

5. Follow this guy , look what he does with this camera and the olympus 60mm macro lens:

He does macro photos exactly how I like them.

I'll list options I've found so people here could see what I'm seeing.

Pentax K-30, kit lens, less than 10k shots - $180
Canon 600D, kit lens, good condition - $130
Sony A6000, 16-50 Black oss, 30k shots - $295
Sony A6000,16-50 Black oss, less than 1k shots - $348
Sony Nex-7, kit lens, good condition - $326
Olympus EMD M10 Mark II, kit lens, good condition - $325
Panasonic GX-1, no lens, good condition - $60
Panasonic GX-7, 25mm f/1.7, good condition, $217
Fujifilm X-E2, no lens, good condition, $190

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