Wacom Cintiq vs Wacom Tablet and what size for photo retouching

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Re: Wacom Cintiq vs Wacom Tablet and what size for photo retouching

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How important is it to have two monitors for photo editing? Currently i have one NEC multisynch 24 inch 2K monitor. I was thinking about moving to 4k 32 inch monitor.

I would vote for two monitors. I have three 24" 16:10 monitors. Assuming yours is the same ratio, two 24" give you 522 sq in of area. A 32" monitor only gives you 438 sq in, and most 32 4k monitors are actually only 31.5". So you would have more real estate with the two 24", albeit at a lower resolution.

You are going to size each window on your display to about the same size for viewing, regardless of the resolution, so the actual screen area seems more important to me. Multiple screens also make it easy to pop a window up to full-screen on one of the monitors so you can still see the other windows. On the larger monitor you would have to manually resize it instead.

On a 32" if you have two photo windows open side by side, each window can only be 14" wide by 15.7" tall vs 20.5 x 12.75 on the 24". If you work mostly with square or vertical images, that might not be an issue. For me, if I am working with verticals, I rotate my third monitor to landscape and have 20.5" of vertical.

Most modern photo software supports multiple monitors, and Windows handles them seamlessly.

My suggestion would be to get the 32" and keep the 24". If you can spare the desk space, you will get the best of both. You won't get a lot for your old 24" monitor if you sell it anyway.


Very well explained. Makes good sense. Thanks.

My 24 inch is 2K. New monitor I am thinking about is 4K. Would resolution difference create any challenges?

My 27 inch LG monitor is 4K, 3840 x 2160. It's set farther away, about 28-30 inches from my eyes. Much closer, and I just about need to turn my head to see each side of the screen.

I have the Win 10 display settings set to:

"Change the size of text, apps, and other items:" 200%. This scales all the displayed contents.

At 100% scale, everything is way too small to view comfortably. It's just not usable. Very tiny fonts.

Win 10 shows "recommended" at the 150% scale. That's workable, but text is a bit small for my old eyes.

At my 200% scale: using Win 10 "snip & sketch" to copy and save a screen image, the image size is the full 3840 x 2160. So I'm still getting the advantage of very tiny screen pixels. (I usually need to shrink a screen clip to 50% before emailing it or posting it to a comment, otherwise it looks twice as large when viewed on a normal screen.)

Fonts are extremely sharp and clear, since this 200% scale doesn't simply double up pixels to scale it, they are full resolution fonts. And images use all the display pixels too.

4k and 2k monitors together

My laptop screen, used as a second monitor, is 2k. This 200% scale on my big monitor makes both screens have approximately the same size text. It works fine. I like having the side monitor.

Standard scaling for 4k is 150% though...

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