Blurring water (slow shutter) -- I did it!!

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Re: Blurring water (slow shutter) -- I did it!!

Krusty79 wrote:

Thank you Merlin and Butch. I usually focus on a point about 1/3 of the way into the scene, or on the foreground interest if I am using any. I normally shoot these at a small aperture like f/11, so my DOF should be pretty good.

Although the shutter speeds are important, I think the most important factor is working on your photographic vision - learning to compose shots through the viewfinder where there is a natural flow the eye should follow. I try to eliminate/reduce anything that interrupts that flow and keep distractions out of the frame.

To expand a bit on what Krusty79 is saying here, if I may.  Depth of Field is that area of the photo in front of ane behind your subject that is deemed "acceptably sharp".  The higher the f# (the smaller the aperture), the deeper this depth of field is.  Generally, 1/3rd of this DoF is in front of your focal point and 2/3rd's is behind your focal point.  Thus, if you want a full scene acceptably sharp in one image, you choose a high f-stop and focus about 1/3rd of the way into the area that you want acceptably sharp.

Note the word "acceptably".  You will never be tack sharp front to back unless you start using post processing and stacking multiple images taken while moving the focal point through the scene.  A technique called "focus stacking".

I like my apps.  I downloaded a depth of field calculator that will tell you exactly how deep you can expect your depth of field to be based on your sensor size, focal length, aperture, and distance from your subject.  All of these impact the depth of field.  It will also tell you how far in front of and in back of your subject you can expect an acceptable level of sharpness.

Sorry - this is a long way from using shutter speed to blur water.

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