PS Workflow on iPad & iMac Upgrade Question

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PS Workflow on iPad & iMac Upgrade Question


Two questions:

I currently have a photo workflow that involves Adobe Bridge for edits such as eye dropper for WB, exposure tweaks, shadows/highlights, lens profile, radial and linear gradients then I open the image in PS for local dodging/burning, sharpening. Does the workflow of PS for iPad mirror this or is it fundamentally different? I learned how to use PS when Capture NX2 was discontinued by Nikon. I learned a basic photography workflow from Ming Thein's videos which I found really helpful for learning PS. I would consider an Ipad photo workflow but I'm trying to work out what I would give up if I did that.

My next question is around the recent update to the iMac hardware. I currently have a mid-range 2011 27" iMac. It still works well. I boot from an external Thunderbolt SSD, which has kept the iMac usable for years longer than it would have been if the hard disk was still the boot drive. However, as Adobe has introduced newer versions of its cloud apps, and as Topaz has upgraded its Denoise and Sharpening tools, I've found the apps getting slower and slower. Its time to upgrade. Photography is my hobby and I have to spend my money really carefully ensuring that things last as long as possible. I can't afford to upgrade every couple of years. Will a 2020 iMac be running all the software I use at least 5 years from now? I bought my first mac after Apple transitioned from Power PC so I don't know how Apple handled that and if they will handle things similarly with the transition to Apple silicon.

I love the idea of being able to run all my iPad/iPhone apps on an iMac. I think that would be a really seamless experience but I suspect the 27" iMacs will be among the last iMacs to transition to Apple silicon as they will need fairly powerful chips to match 10th gen Intel processors?

Thanks in advance for your thoughts and advice.

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