Olympus 100-400mm/5.0-6.3 IS - my review

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Re: Excellent Review and Beautiful Photos

twitterdonald wrote:

DLBlack wrote:

I have spent the day looking at reviews and full resolution photos from this lens. Your review was one of the best reviews. It does look to be a good lens for a consumer level lens. I already own the 40-150/2.8, the 300/4.0, and the MC14 and MC20. So I got the long end covered. I like that I could pair the 100-400/5.0-6.3 with the 12-100/4.0 to have a great range of focal lengths in two lenses for casual hikes where serious photography is not the objective. Currently I am doing this with the 12-100/4.0 and the MC20 on the 40-150/2.8. With this combo I am always wishing for a little bit more focal length.

Anyhow, it looks to be a good lens and it is great to have so many good choices. Maybe I will pre-order it in the next few days.


do you think the 40-150 combined with the MC-20 is a better option between 100-300mm than the 100-400m Oly lens? I currently use the MC-14 and really like the fantastic qualiy.

Now am asking myself to invest in the MC-20 or buying the 100-400 for longer apertures as a travel companion of the 12-100.

Thanks in advance!

The image quality for the 40-150/2.8 + MC20 is very good.  At 300mm is is close to the 300/4.0 prime.  Only thing is I find 300mm to be a little short for the wildlife I shot.  How it compare to the new 100-400/5.0-6.3 is a big question.  I am assuming both are good enough that it will take pixel peeping to tell a difference.  Still just a guess.

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