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bill winslow hansen wrote:

Actually the term hifi means nothing at all.

As evidenced by literally millions of home audio equipment items emblazoned with it,

Even the lower end of the scale.

I have stereos with the words hifi on them and am radios with the words hi fidelity.

Personal taste and preferences are subjective.

Back in the 70s a magazine did a test where they took cheap as beans recievers and put them up against the most expensive receivers .

The cheap hifi stuff won.

hifi really is a non definable term.

they tried it didn’t work .

The application of finish on photographs is almost as old as photography itself.

One negative using film can yield many different results depending on who what and how the photofinishing is done.

It’s subjective and it’s personal taste .

Trying to apply a uniform idealism appealing to your own preferences is a pointless endeavour.

Oh a harmonic distortions in a audio recording no matter how hifi it claims to be is what gives productions a unique charm .

One of the first things done in the signal path is to introduce distortion.

It’s a difficult concept to grasp but a completely transparent reproduction of a live recording has never been achieved.

Same as a photograph.

I hope they never achieve that but , it’s all a personal preference.

Off topic I know, I wonder how many know the meaning of ‘wifi’ without using google of course


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