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Re: Ultra-light and easy to use

KoolKool wrote:

really? i'm considering switch my sony to z50 and low light you said it's just good as ancient d3000?! cause d3000 was my first camera back in the my college days, i thought z50 was a huge step up?

and.....the kit len is crap?

That's absolutely not true, I disagree with the OP. Z50 performance in low light is actually very good, on the same level of the D500 (look for Ricci's video on youtube if you want to see a test). I had a D3500 before, and the Z50 iso performance is on a whole different level.

The kit lens is small, light and extremely sharp. The only drawback is that the aperture range is not that great, ranging from f3.5 to f.6.3. You can still take very good photos in low light if your subject is still, thanks to the very good stabilization.
The main drawback of the Z50 is the lack of DX lenses at the moment, which may or may not be a problem depending on the use you want to do of the camera. As a Z50 owner however, I can fully recommend the camera with both kit lenses, they are extremely good for their price.

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