New (?) Olympus vs Panasonic 100-400 info

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Re: New (?) Olympus vs Panasonic 100-400 info

mount evans wrote:

For Olympus to equip the 100-400mm zoom with OIS, but not make that OIS compatible with the IBIS, sounds like quite a gaffe.

Do you mean the fact it does not support 5-axis Sync-IS? Yes, it sucks. Having that would be amazing for video.

However, it does support operation of IBIS and OIS together for improved performance. It's just not as robust as Sync-IS. Sync-IS fully utilizes 5-axis IBIS and adds the 2-axis correction by the lens on top (so both IBIS and OIS correct yaw and pitch together). Here, OIS corrects yaw and pitch and IBIS corrects the roll.

The interesting question is how much does it improve and on which bodies. I would expect this to be significant for cameras like E-M10, but not necessarily for E-M1 line, whose IBIS can easily handle 400mm.

The mechanical hardware is already there; the rest is just electronics and software, a problem that had already been solved for two other lenses.

I would not be so sure about that. Note how the OIS alone is rated just at 3 stops. That's nothing compared to OIS on 12-100 and 300. So clearly it is not as capable. Maybe just not good enough to work in tandem with a much more precise IBIS?

As for why, I think we all know. Cost cutting.

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