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Re: Wait for Ryzen 4000?

bmoag wrote:

Depending on what programs you use for image processing current generation Ryzens are generally much faster even at single core processes than higher clocked Intel CPUs of your generation. As such buying a current generation Ryzen is not at all a bad decision--I've seen the 3700x as low as $250--equivalent performance costs nearly double for Intel.

Outside of rendering video writing that the Ryzen is "faster" is relative and a lot of people think they what they perceive as faster is due to the CPU but its due to faster storage media. An example for me is using On1 as a plug-in from Photoshop--the image renders back to PS--all in RAM-- almost instantly on a 3700xcompared to the 10 or so seconds it might take with an overclocked (actually much faster clocked) 4 core Skylake. But On1 seems to push all cores while rendering, the differences--if those ten seconds mean anything at all--are not so pronounced with less multithreaded apps, like Luminar or even mighty Photoshop.

Your current mobo chipset does not support M2. Boot speeds of NVME M2 compared to traditional SSD are less than overwhelming despite astounding benchmark differences in I/O. I doubt the cost of PCIe4 M2 drives yield anything more tangible for most users but no personal experience. Since they don't cost much more its worth getting a higher end M2 boot drive just to run Crystalmark, which is free.

If you play games I would wait to buy a GPU until nVidia and AMD announce their next gen, otherwise you could save money on an AMD 570/580 or just recycle what you have.

I going to assume the next gen Ryzen has faster clocks and improved per cycle efficiency, without throwing off even more heat. Otherwise the CPU is limited to what the 5xx chipset delivers, for good or ill, with current Ryzens.

It is not clear if AMD is going to drop the Wraith but the Wraith is a mediocre cooler. It is not clear if the next gen will have an iGPU. I would rather have the iGPU than the Wraith, but I have a Wraith. For now.

I have a Ryzen, the performance is impressive, but there are potential gotchas if you are used to Intel world where there really is a higher level of component compatibility. Ryzen RAM incompatibilities are a real and ongoing problem no matter what AMD fanboys say so pay attention to the mobo vendor's approved list no matter how small it seems. If the RAM does not run at a certain clock you can easily see the Infinity fabric won't run at its optimal speed, annoying but not all that big a deal for real world throughput. Cases are designed for Intel motherboards but few Ryzen motherboards have USB C headers and many lack traditional USB 3 headers, annoyances if you want all the front panel case ports to work. The list goes on and more likely than not given AMD's history there will be early BIOS problems with the next generation of Ryzen CPUs.

Interesting information.

My recent experience with AMD has been favourable. The file server in the office is a Dell Ryzen 7 2700U with 512Gb SSD; naturally I tested it thoroughly before committing my data to it. The raw performance is close to my HP i7 7500U with 1Tb HDD, but the usability of the Dell is significantly better due to the SSD.

Another laptop has the older AMD A9 CPU, also with SSD boot disk and it keeps up with the others.

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