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Re: You are responsible for the framing

PerAE wrote:

Mark Scott Abeln wrote:

PerAE wrote:

So these are fine then?

As a photographer, you basically own, and are responsible for, everything within the frame, including the frame itself.

For example, here you have the subject centered in the frame, which is closely cropped to the top and bottom of the subjects, but there are ‘wings’ on both sides, where there is much more space between the subjects and the edges. Visually or logically, that is hard to justify. I would crop the sides to make the spaces more uniform.

Something like this? Doesn’t that look too “tight”?

Since it is a photo of (only) the bird, it is tight, but you could actually EVEN GO (slightly) TIGHTER. The background is very unnecessary.

However ... as someone mentioned it also works to leave more space in the direction the bird is "looking".

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