Any reason to go 5DIV over R5?

Started Aug 3, 2020 | Discussions thread
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Here are Three

5DIV, in 2020, over R5? Lots of reasons to consider it. Here are three:

1/ You like optical viewfinders.

2/ You need two card slots, weather-sealing, and professional-grade-durability in a body that costs less than $2500. Maybe you want to put the $1400 you'll save over the R5 into a nice lens or two. How about an EF 35/1.4L ii? A fast RF 35mm isn't even on Canon's roadmap, yet.

3/ Let's say you're looking at two well-executed photographs, side-by-side, presented at the same size up to, say, 24" on the long edge. Are you confident you can tell which one's from the R5, which one's from the 5Div? If you can't tell, who else can?


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