Panasonic and those usuriously priced telecons

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Re: Panasonic and those usuriously priced telecons

unhappymeal wrote:

I recently offloaded 90% of my m4/3 gear, but kept a few items for shooting wild life. Partly, this is because the Fuji XF 55-200 and XF 100-400 aren't spectacular and partly because I couldn't find a buyer for the PL 50-200.

Right now, I have an E-M1 II, recently repaired GX8 and Panasonic-Leica 50-200. I'm looking to get a bit more reach for wildlife and birds and I'm in a bit of a conundrum. The Panasonic-Leica 100-400 can be had brand new for $1,600 CAD (+ tax). I have my apprehensions about the lens (quality control, dust ingress, not the sharpest and repairability), but the recently announce Olympus 100-400 is $2,100 CAD.

My other option is going with the Panasonic teleconvertors, but wow are they expensive: $700 CAD a piece for the DMW-TC14 and DMC-TC20--a full $300 and $200 more than the Olympus TCs. I can almost purchase the PL 100-400 at that price.

Let's hear it. If it was your money, what would you do?

Edit: Wild card option: put the PL 50-200 up on ebay and grab a used Olympus 40-150 Pro + EC-14 and EC-20 for $2,000 CAD.

Sell everything but the EM1mk2, buy the following:

  • EM1X
  • Olympus 300mm f4.0
  • Olympus MC-14
  • Olympus MC-20
  • Olympus MMF-3
  • Olympus EC-14
  • Olympus ZD 150mm f2.0

Run two cameras, each with one of the lenses and TC's as needed.  Those two lenses are the best two lens combo I have ever used for wildlife.  Best part is it is easy to carry all that into the field.

my two copper pieces,


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