Panasonic and those usuriously priced telecons

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Re: Panasonic and those usuriously priced telecons

brentbrent wrote:

unhappymeal wrote:

Edit: Wild card option: put the PL 50-200 up on ebay and grab a used Olympus 40-150 Pro + EC-14 and EC-20 for $2,000 CAD.

Another wild card option: a few months ago I bought a new, gray market PL 200, which came with the 1.4x teleconverter, for $1,600 USD. I'm not sure if I'll ever buy the $700 2x teleconverter, though many here say the 200 works quite well with it. No doubt you prefer having zoom rather than shuffling teleconverters to move between 200mm, 280mm, and 400mm, but the image quality would be good.

An interim step could be to buy the 2x teleconverter to use with your 50-200. Down the road you could consider selling that lens and buying the 200 with the 1.4x.

Just a thought.

Yeah, one of the things nagging me in the back of my mind is that the PL 200 comes with the TC. It almost feels like throwing away a TC if I buy it separately because there are a grand total of two lenses in the Panasonic line-up that you can use them with.

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