50mm f2 vs 56mm f1.2 vs. 50-140mm f2.8 (or maybe just 35mm f1.4)

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50mm f2 vs 56mm f1.2 vs. 50-140mm f2.8 (or maybe just 35mm f1.4)

Hi all,

I have an XT-3 with the following lenses:

1. 16mm 1.4

2. 18-55mm kit lens

I'm new to photography having originally purchased this camera impulsively last Black Friday.  Now that I'm starting to learn, I'm thinking of trying to jump into some type of portrait photography (having been inspired by the collection of photos from lovegrovephotography and from other members).

I'm thinking I'll likely be indoors for portraits at least half the year due to rain so am trying to find a lens that fits that ticket, and it seems the 50-ish range may be able to do portraits inside, even if a little difficult in tight spaces.

From what I've gathered:

- 56mm f1.2 is a crowd favorite having an excellent bokeh with character but has slower and loud autofocus; not as sharp as the 500 f2

- 50mm f2 is said to be sharper than the 56mm, with lighting fast AF and a good bokeh but is a oddity in focal view

- 50-140mm is said to be good and quick at AF, and it has the ability to zoom, but there are reports of a nervous bokeh. OIS is also a plus as the XT-3 doesn't have it in body.

- 35 f1.4? Another option, but would it be too similar to the 16mm?

One more thing is that it sounds like Fuji may be releasing a 50mm f1 soon. I'm not sure if this plan has changed with the pandemic, but, if it's true, would it be worth holding off on the above until that lens drops?

Note: I do plan on grabbing a 100-400mm lens because birding sounds fun!

Thanks for your help!

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