Tamron 100-400mm f5.6-8.3 MFT, where are you ?

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Re: Tamron 100-400mm f5.6-8.3 MFT, where are you ?

Astrotripper wrote:

JakeJY wrote:

I don't think they will try as it would likely be another mistake like their 14-150mm where Panasonic and Olympus already had similar options, making their offering not stand out.

Yep, pretty much.

However, this at least could have differentiate itself by being really small, light and affordable. I can see the appeal of that.

Failing that, it has to be really high performance. There's no advantage on speed, and the jury is still out on sharpness, though some samples are very promising. Stabilization looks like a fail, or perhaps just neutral for Oly body users. They might have a leg up on build quality, because the Panasonic has had issues, but it's hard to make hay with that when the value of an Oly warranty is now unknown.

Their 14-150 had none of that potential. It offered the same thing but had none of the unique features of Panasonic (OIS) or Olympus (WR) and at least at launch it was not even that much cheaper. Eventually they just dumped them into a bargain bin.

I never understood why Tamron though it would be a good idea to do that 14-150. Smells like old-school DSLR era thinking of "We're gonna do the same as first party makers, but slightly cheaper".

Yeah - they were going up against strong competitors that were already reasonably priced and highly regarded. Hard road.

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