Is there a full review of the Nikon D6?

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Re: Is there a full review of the Nikon D6?

PerfectPoms wrote:

patricksmith32 wrote:

Yeah that’s absolutely crazy, 71k shutter count in such short time span. I’m a photojournalist and I don’t put anywhere near that amount, although I do put quite a bit more on my bodies usually. No sports right now and less breaking news has slowed my shooting down quite a bit. However I can’t ever remember putting those kinds of numbers on my cameras ever. I’ve definitely put 3,000+ shutter actuations per camera at certain sporting events, but never 142,000 in two months! At least your getting the most out of that D6, but boy that must hurt the resale value lol. That thing will need a shutter within one year of purchase, omg that’s crazy!

Most people really underestimate the life span of a Nikon shutter. Nikon quotes the shutter 'life' as a number that their shutters are 'tested to' - and in the case of the D5, D6, this is 400,000 shots, BUT - I think the AVERAGE shutter will break FAR higher than that number.

I've taken about 10 million photos on D-SLR's since about 2005, and broken about 9 shutters. My considerable experience suggests that the average shutter failure will occur somewhere around TWICE the number that Nikon says their shutters are 'tested to.'

For example, my first D-SLR, the D70, that was rated for 50,000 shots, gave me 400,000 shots and I broke the shutter 4 times.

My first D2hs shutter broke at, I think it was 732,000 shots, and the replacement shutter broke when I reached about 1,030,000 shots, and I was VERY disappointed when the camera came back with a shutter count reset to zero

There is a very prolific expert in these forums, who's been around very little lately, who used to take up to 10,000 photos on a weekend of figure skating tournies, who had her D5 shutter last to over a million.

I'm so confident in the long life of Nikon shutters, especially on the D3, D4, D5 and D6 series of cameras that I bought my third D5 used with a Shutter Count: 536,412 !!

I got a good deal on that used camera because almost everybody else assumed that with that shutter count the camera is on its last legs. Not so.

I have about 20 clicks on my new D6..:)  Should be good for sometime I bet..

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