Options for Scanning 120 films ???

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Re: Epson vs. other options

Tomm111 wrote:

... I also use the Epson software, in Professional mode,

Yep, me too, and get good results with it. I spent a fair bit of time testing other scanning software and could not improve on what Epson Scan does, when used properly.

If you are going for a scanner an Epson V800 with the Better Scanning 120 holder would be the way to go, you can also wait for the Plustek.

I am not sure why you don't want to photograph the negatives, works well and I think it is sharper than a scanner with a digital camera and a good macro lens, even a 2nd hand one.

I think you may have conflated me with the OP, but I agree with you that the V800 with a Better Scanning holder is a good solution. Can't speak for the Plustek, having never come near one.

It was the OP who didn't want to do camera scanning.

I myself don't currently do it with medium format film because I have to really jump through hoops to surpass my V700. I have to shoot at least 3 separate 24-megapixel images of a 6x6 or 6x7 negative and stitch them together. That's a pain. I also don't have room to leave the rig set up all the time, so I have to assemble and re-align etc. every time I want to use it. Also a pain.

But, as I said, if had the space and money to dedicate a high-resolution camera with multi-shot capability (a Panasonic S1R, for example) to the job, along with a permanent copy stand set up, things would be different. Then I could beat my V700 with a single shot instead of stitching, and I wouldn't have a lot of set up and teardown work every time I wanted to scan. In that case, I would switch to camera scanning.

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