Options for Scanning 120 films ???

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Re: Epson vs. other options

I also have an Epson V700 and I find the scans with their holders acceptable. I am sure the Better Scanning holder would be superior. I also use the Epson software, in Professional mode, was not impressed with the Silverfast SE software, though the full version would be worth a look.

The Minolta Scan Multi was a disappointment, the 35mm were excellent but the original model only had 600 dpi as the highest scan resolution for 120. I never got an answer about the 2nd model that came out. When Sony bought Minolta they dropped all the scanners because they interfered with Sony's scanner division. The best desktop solution was the Nikon 9000, but they are getting old, Nikon no longer supports them. If you are going for a scanner an Epson V800 with the Better Scanning 120 holder would be the way to go, you can also wait for the Plustek.

I am not sure why you don't want to photograph the negatives, works well and I think it is sharper than a scanner with a digital camera and a good macro lens, even a 2nd hand one.

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