Youtube poisoning?

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Re: Youtube poisoning?

Youtube as a tool is neither good nor bad. Just like everything, it is down to how it is used. I have a feeling that all social media, youtube including is a "magnifier" and it transmits the signal. Let's say there is an angry guy sitting at home and he is not happy with the purchase he made or not happy with life or whatever. Back in the day noone would even know that he exists. Today, he will just go on-line to share this with the world. Granted, noone forces you to watch. What I was trying to say is that I never even knew these guys exist and this kind of content exist till I started looking for "Canon R5".

Or a video why "I quit Canon":-) Seriously...who cares?

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Are you not wondering how is it that people have so much to say on youtube about pretty much nothing? Last 2 weeks I was doing too much research on R5 and what I realized is how much irrelevant, repeated information is out there. I amazes me that people always think that their opinion matters even though they know that the same thing has been discussed and is available on-line already. I think you have 5% of content that is unique and the rest is unboxing. How many unboxing videos you need on-line for the same camera?

It is not just this, but I seriously have a feeling that folks do not have anybody to talk to so they turn their cameras on and broadcast how they day went on-line and why they are angry and what they deserve better:-)

I think that we live in an age where protecting the mind is the most difficult and most needed skill that people need to possess. There is just too much info that is useless.

You just about summed up the internet in general.

He just summed up human life in general. The internet is just a mirror of human banality.

On the other hand, there are many manufacturer produced instructional videos on YouTube which provide a valuable resource for learning the inticacies of different software programs and techniques.

Personally, I have learned a great deal from YouTube, as well as learning there is also some extremely bad advice being displayed there.

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