Options for Scanning 120 films ???

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Re: Options for Scanning 120 films ???

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Hi guys,

I am shooting with a Mamiya 645 1000s, which is a lovely cam, but I feel a bit frustrated by the lack of available options for scanning 120 films. I really like the Plustek 8200i but I can only scan 35mm.

Flat beds is an option (V600/V800/V850 series), but I would like to know whether there would be better options for scanning MF negatives / slide films. I do NOT want to use a dSLR/camera to scan my negatives.

What are the older Konica Minolta scanners capable to scan MF films?

Seriously, in 2020, and we have so few options.

I would have liked something like the Braun FS-120 or Plustek 120, but there are nowhere to be found new.

Thanks for your help.



I use a V550, which are still available new for 120 (I use a Plustek for 35mm). You can also get Silverfast free to use with it if you don’t like the Epson software.

The Plustek 120 seems to be available second hand at around £1000, or there are the various Nikons.

I got the Plustek 8200i AI version that comes with Silverfast. If I had to get an Epson flatbed, would I be able to use the same license for Silverfast?



There’s a free version of Silverfast SE for the V550 https://www.silverfast.com/show/bundle-epson/en.html

I don’t think you can use the one that comes with the 8200 on the V550, at least it never worked on mine. I just have two icons, one linked to SE for the V550 and one to AI for the Plustek

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