Options for Scanning 120 films ???

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Re: Options for Scanning 120 films ???

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If you've the budget , I'd just wait for the Plustek to be available again .

As mentioned on your other thread about flatbed scanner availability , with the pandemic manufacturing and distribution had taken a hit .

If a flatbed good enough , get one of them . ( I use an old Epson for my 120 and 5x4 scanning ) .

If you "must" have it now and can't find new , get second hand .

Just make sure all the bits are with it .

With the lack of supply , prices used have no doubt gone up .

So either make do with what you can get and pay the price , or wait until things return to normal and take your pick and shop around .

I think that the Plustek was no longer manufactured, rather than a supply issue. Not that there might not be a new version in the future.....

It's still on their website , with no mention of it being discontinued , and it's still for sale on Amazon .

See the link in the above post .

Have you seen it from some official/reputable source that it's discontinued ?

It looks like they’ve released a new version - https://www.rangefinderforum.com/forums/showthread.php?t=166648

(I was interested in buying a 120 a few years ago before it had started shipping, then when it did it was £1,600, so I thought I’d wait a while for the price to come down, then it was discontinued.

I’ve never checked since if they’d made a new version, which they obviously have, with a new price ! I’ll just have to wait again !

There were reported to be some issues with the first version, but they looked like they’ve been fixed for this)

I'd like one myself , but I think it'll be a long time before they get down to my budget !

It's good that they've not stopped developing new scanners .

This is neat.   I just checked the Plustek website, and the new 120 scanner is coming soon.    Nice!   Finally!

How much should we expect in USD?  +1500 USD?



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