Rolling Shutter VS FPS confusion

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Re: Rolling Shutter VS FPS confusion

Currantos wrote:

dancers need to be caught at the peak of the jump so high FPS is absolutely necessary, timing is very difficult. A microsecond before or after and they come out of a pose and both arms and legs are now "out of place" and scattered in space rather than "tucked in" so to speak.

If a microsecond makes a difference, then you need a 1,000,000 FPS camera. Culling might be a chore...

Seriously though, if the mechanical shutter is not an option because of the noise it makes, the only option you have is to use the electronic shutter and pick the shots that are not affected by the jello effect.

Hopefully will experiment one day and see, for now I don't have access to electronic shutter, just in the planning stages.

If you use a camera with a high FPS rating, say 20+, you will struggle to spot any jello effect in your shots of dancers. Keep in mind that there is another problem with the ES - it produces banding under some artificial light (some LED, fluorescent). If the light is flickering, you will be restricted to shoot at a relatively low shutter speed (of 1/120 sec or 1/60 sec in the US) to avoid this banding, but it can be done.

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