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Re: Ridiculous indeed

Bob Tullis wrote:

stevo23 wrote:

Bob Tullis wrote:

biza43 wrote:

SonyOB wrote:

"Billingham" = "Rob me!"

Ridiculous. I have carried mine all over the world, without any problems.

Exactly. Security is mostly about awareness and how one carries one

Confirmation bias. You’ll tell yourself that until it happens to you. And even then, you might convince yourself it was your fault if it does happen. More confirmation bias.

I was only mugged once in my life, and I wasn't carrying anything, nor was I dressed to impress (before I started buying/carrying expensive gear).

Sure, I felt like I stood out in questionable neighborhoods, deserted areas, and in the NYC subway when first wielding a new Billingham

You're safer in Manhattan than many cities in the US. Here in Atlanta, even in sketchy neighborhoods, that kind of attack isn't very common either unless you frequent a place and they have time to size you up.

It's the touristy areas that are problematic. Someone tried to grab my waist camera bag in Italy - it was a coordinated attack too. One guy got my attention and another went for the bag. It was clasped so would have taken more effort and my wife noticed it just in time and yelled out.

, yet nothing occurred. It could be just the luck of not being in the wrong place and wrong time, or awareness and posturing, or a combination of both.

Yet nothing occurred - therefore confirming that it's not a draw? Is it a valid conclusion?

Now my Billinghams aren't as shiny and new, for not being afraid to use 'em, so they're even less of a potential draw. I like the sage green and tan models, but I bought into the black because they're not as conspicuous.

I think they look best with wear and use. As do Filson products.

When I read that comment (and others like it), all I could manage was an injurious eye-roll.

I tend not to carry cameras in camera bags nor laptops in nice looking branded laptop bags. An older backpack or Mountainsmith lumbar pack with a mop rag and water bottle on the outside hardly says "camera".  Not sure it's a help, but a precaution worth taking given that its happened to me.

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