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Thank you for the first impressions. Like you I also own A7r4 and have been really tempted to try out R5, which would be my first Canon camera.

I would appreciate it if you can provide some comparison between the two cameras in term

- Auto focus

I had the A7RIV and liked it quite a bit. Autofocus works differently between the two. As with Sony's, you can eye af with any focus area. With Canon, it's mainly used in Wide area auto, but it is much faster than the EOS R and really brings out the true speed of the RF glass. It has made me want two of them. Autofocus is faster with the R5 over the A7RIV and more sticky on the face/eyes. It's actually more on par with the A9 and can latch on fast. It has a much smoother 12 fps mechanical shutter which is almost as quiet as the electronic shutter (which has a little bit of rolling shutter, but not as bad as the A7RIII). With either camera, with these high mp, I find myself using the Mechanical Shutter exclusively. But the ES is better improved on the R5 for considering its high MP count.

- Colors (specially jpegs)

havent tried jpeg but colors render fantastic.

- Start up/Shutdown time

Instant. No waiting 10 minutes like some of the Sonys.

- Screen blackout in continuous shooting

None in ES, but I think slightly in MS, but not deal breaking for me. But I don't shoot many birds. Once some birding events open back up hopefully next year, I will try it more so.

laings video made that e-shutter read out speed look pretty dang fast! im wondering if an r5ii will have a full time useable e-shutter, ala a9!

i think canon will implement true AI technology in the next gen cameras that will make R5 look pretty sad. canon engineers are probably working on it as we speak. but it is sad, though, everything become automatic and camera will do everything, i wonder what will happen to creativity. it reminds me of electric automobile using GPS and drive itself--why not take a train or bus then? i personally enjoy driving when i go on a trip, that is the fun part of it! but this argument can go both ways, nothing can stop the evolution of technology. i stop talking gibberish right here

No matter how automatic it gets, a camera still can’t fix poor lighting or composition, just as someone who drives while using GPS can still crash lol. That is too say, the user can still screw up.

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