QR Plate for New Sigma 100-400mm DG DN

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QR Plate for New Sigma 100-400mm DG DN

01 - This is from dense rubber foam

02 - Look from under the Long QR Plate with Clamp.  The stainless steel wire provides proper grip

03 - How to mount the dense rubber foam.

04 - Put the stainless wired through the gap on the Long QR Plate with Clamp.

05 - Simply twist the dense rubber foam and adjust the position.

06 - You can also use the base from mini ballhead instead.

07 - Base are screwed onto the screw of the Long QR Plate with clamp - under view.

08 - Various base of mini ballheads can be used.

09 - All these 5 types can be used on the Long QR Plate.

10 - As long as they are about 5 to 6mm thick.

11 - This Long QR Plate with Clamp and a support will serve as a Collar for the Sigma.

12 - Camera + Sigma 100-400mm mounted on Long QR Plate with Clamp, and on a Ballhead.

13 - Shift the Long QR Plate to get the Center of Gravity over the Ballhead.

If you imagine a straight line down from the Center of Gravity (COG), it will then pass through the centre of the ballhead.  You will not need much clamping force to secure the camera and lens.  There will be no drooping focus point nor rising focus point if the COG is close to the center of the ballhead or tilt/pan head.

14 - Tilt/Pan head mounted on a normal Ballhead for leveling the tripod on uneven ground.

15 - This double heads setup is best for BIF and action shootings.

The normal ballhead is only to level the Tilt/Pan head.

The fast action is best handle by the Tilt/Pan head.

16 - With just a normal Ballhead

The Long QR Plate with clamp can be used with any lenses, to mount the lens + camera COG directly over the Ballhead.  This is the FE 24-105mm F4 lens.

17 - Extended

18 - Light Samyang AF 18mm FE lens can also be mounted without vignetting.

19 - with the Zesis 16-35mm F4 lens, on same Long QR Plate.

20 - If you do not worry about uneven ground, you can even mount the Tilt/Pan on the Tripod

21 - Sigma 100-400mm on Tilt/Pan head with the Long QR Plate with Clamp

22 - Showing the panning and tilting movements.

23 - Tilt and Pan

24 - Tilt and Pan

25 - Taking Vertical shots with Tilt/Pan movement

26 - Tilt upward and panning with the tripod shaft unlocked.

27 - Frontal view

28 - Can also use with temporary L-Bracket

L-Bracket is not permanently mounted on camera, but rather camera is mounted onto the L-Bracket when needed.

29 - Top view.

30 - Mounted on L-Bracket, side view.

31 - Mounted on L-Bracket bottom view.

There are many more usage with this setup, but one thing remains consistently is that the camera only has a small QR plate mounted on it, lightest for handheld shooting.

All other are just accessories for the tripod.

These approach has served me for the past 5 years, and there is only improvements rather than any drawbacks.

Use whatever deem fit for your own use, and ask any questions and I will try to answer them within my capacity.

Flexibility and light for a traveling Tripod setup.  Cheers.

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