Rolling Shutter VS FPS confusion

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Re: Rolling Shutter VS FPS confusion

Currantos wrote:

So I am a little confused.

Silent shooting/electronic shutter is supposed to have worse/worst rolling shutter effect than mechanical. So the recommendation is to avoid it for fast moving objects.

For fast moving objects the recommendation is to use highest possible FPS to catch that best moment in an action sequence. Electronic shutter allows for higher FPS so one would switch to that.

? Conflict?

So which is it? Avoid it due to rolling shutter or use it to get the FPS?

Natural light situation?

Continuous stage/regular lights?

Advice on shooting athletes or a dance performance on stage? I want high FPS but I don't want rolling shutter. Looking for advice from mirrorless users that can choose from full mechanical, full electronic or EFCS which to use when.

The reason you are confused is that you are trying to use a single variable to make a decision, when this is not a single-variable problem.

The key is to balance rolling shutter (to pick a shutter type & speed it where it is minimal or not problematic) with the highest FPS available. And there are even more variables, such as viewfinder lag in various modes.  And available light & exposure.

Every camera and setup will be different. On very fast reading shutters, electronic shutter might be ok. On slower shutters, EFCS. On some cameras, full mechanical to improve EVF.

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