Rolling Shutter VS FPS confusion

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Re: Not that complicated

Currantos wrote:

On stage can't use flash, and usually with dancers flash is not possible, unless it is "staged shots". What I mean is live performance where they have to be naturally lit.

So flash is out.

2. Can't use mechanical in the middle of a dance performance when I am sitting in the audience and there are 30 people around me quietly watching. Directors don't allow mechanical shutter during LIVE performances.

So a noisy mechanical shutter is out. That still leaves almost silent mechanical leaf shutter cameras.

3. electronic shutter will have rolling shutter effects. Great for fast FPS and then will have jello effect on the arm or leg of a dancer. Ruined image.

So you would like a very fast electronic shutter. The readout speed of the Sony A9 is about 1/150s ...

... high FPS is absolutely necessary

... with a burst rate of 20fps. That should be okay for your purposes.

If your choice of gear doesn't provide those options, you'll just have to compromise on something.

Seems to me the most logical compromise is to use silent shutter so you don't get chastised and banned from the theater. If objectionable rolling shutter effects actually appear in some of the results, perhaps mild ones can be mitigated in PP.

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