Anyone else going to wait for 5D Mark V

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Jozef M wrote:

jayrandomer wrote:

I don't think phone image quality is up to even 10 year old APS-C DSLRs with kit lens. At least comparing the old T2i that I let my daughters use to my wife's iPhone 11.

That doesn't mean the phone can't take great images, especially in less challenging light, but DSLRs are still noticeably better. I think the bigger issue is that both are way above the threshold for "good enough to record the moment". I would say 99% of the photos I share are from my (now very old) iPhone 6.

The phone pictures are meant to be viewed on a phone screen or this from a tablet.
And on that screen they look beautiful.
This satisfies 99% of the need to save moments.

If those phone jpeg photographers decide to print a large and expensive photo book, then they are surprised about the poor print quality on paper, usually it's up to the supplier of these books, who just can print poorly, look how good that picture is on my phone, and how bad in my book.
99% of phone photographers know absolutely nothing about photography.


Yeah.  80% of the photos I print are from 'real' cameras.  The remaining 20% are photo books with collages of the little ones, never bigger than 4x6 on the page and usually a lot smaller.

I know it's swimming upstream at this point, but I have convinced a few people disappointed with photo prints from their camera to spend a little money on refurb Rebel DSLRs.  Considering how cheap they can be on sale (often < $300 with kit lens) they can take amazing photos.  Of course those cheaper cameras can be a gateway drug...

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