Danish monastery with Tmax100

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Re: Danish monastery with Tmax100

Ulrik Christiansen wrote:

Tomm111 wrote:

Very nice images.

TMax 100 works very nicely at box speed, if you check the developing times it is the same for ISO100 and 200. I'd be a little worried about TMax 100 blocking up at ISO 50 with standard development. I have used a lot of TMax 100 with 35mm, just started with 120 again, and I was trying Foma 100, but I am going back to TMax, just like the negatives better. The grain isn't bad on Foma, but it is nonexistant on TMax. I ususally use TMax developer, but I may try Beutler Formula on it since I have it here, increases the accutance at the expense of grain.

Thanks :).

I use ilfosol 3 and in massive dev chart, I couldn't find the develop times for 100 iso, only 80 and 160, so I went with 80, which worked out alright.

That is interesting, it seems Ilfosol 3 is the only developer I checked that has an ISO of 80, for TMax 100. Just one source for the combination on the Massive Developing Chart, don't know. What ever works for you.

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