Anyone else going to wait for 5D Mark V

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Maverick07 wrote:

RedFox88 wrote:

TheBlackGrouse wrote:

These days, partly because of mobile phones, the market is shrinking.

No, not because of phones. It’s that small P&S image sensors have gotten good enough for family and personal snapshots. They are just in a small and much more convenient form factor (handheld internet tablet) than in even a small camera let alone a heavy dslr with big lens

Then it is much more important to keep current customers as getting new customers is difficult. However, I don't have enough information, this may be wrong.

Black Grouse;

Really not because of the phone? emm let's see take a picture with image quality rivaling an SLR, immediately send image out to family/friends almost NRT. So compact it fits almost anywhere. No need to buy or carry additional lens. No lugging a 20 lb ruck.

Hello Canon, real soon it is good by Canon unless there is a major change in support of the DSLR for the prosumer.

I don't think phone image quality is up to even 10 year old APS-C DSLRs with kit lens.  At least comparing the old T2i that I let my daughters use to my wife's iPhone 11.

That doesn't mean the phone can't take great images, especially in less challenging light, but DSLRs are still noticeably better.  I think the bigger issue is that both are way above the threshold for "good enough to record the moment".  I would say 99% of the photos I share are from my (now very old) iPhone 6.

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