Digital beginner (35mm amateur) asking for advice on the first camera

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Re: Digital beginner (35mm amateur) asking for advice on the first camera

rurikw wrote:

I don't know which lenses you have but they will probably not all perform well on digital. Depends on your expectations. With APS-C or M4/3 you'd crop the likely soft edges away but the more tightly packed sensor isn't easy on the optics. My 50mm film lenses do fine on M4/3, all other focal lengths so-so or bad.

All of my lenses have given very good results on APS-C and on full frame, except for a 20mm Nikkor.

The M4/3 cameras have a thicker cover glass over the sensor, which is a good thing in itself (it keeps the dust out of focus), but not good for use with simple adapters.

If in spite of the above, you feel attracted to FF, I've been looking at a Canon RP. Saw one for under 600€/$ on eBay. AFAIK among FF mirrorles only Canon has fully articulated screens which I consider important, particularly for macro, YMMV. Budget allowing you could get an adapter and build up an assortment of cheap but good DSLR lenses over the years.

He already has the lenses.

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