Digital beginner (35mm amateur) asking for advice on the first camera

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Re: Digital beginner (35mm amateur) asking for advice on the first camera

Poonis5 wrote:

Good day everyone!
I like reading this forum because it has a lot of interesting discussions. But today I will post myself because I need help.
I'll try to be short.I've been shooting 35mm for 4 years and now understand how to make not a bad photo. Since film prices are rising and film isn't good for all uses I need a digital camera.

1. I started liking shooting macro and b&w street photography. This is what I need new camera for.
2. I have a collection of good manual lenses that I really want to use on digital bodies.

For that you need a mirrorless camera, not a DSLR.

Your budget isn't enough for a Full Frame camera (which would give the original angles of view from the lenses). The next best thing is an APS-C size mirrorless camera.

The first interchangeable-lens digital camera that I bought, 9 years ago, was a Sony APS-C mirrorless. It gave excellent results with my manual lenses, Current models are better. So I would suggest any of Sony's A6000 series. Even the basic A6000 can give excellent image quality.

3. Budget is $400 max. BUT I'm from Eastern Europe and used equipment is noticably cheaper than on western markets.
4. I'd like to stick to the system I choose to invest in it in future.

The Sony E mount allows you to upgrade in the future to more advanced models, including ones with full-frame sensors. The only one to avoid is the first version of the A7R, which had bad shutter shock.

I thought about buying a Fuji X-E2 but kit fuji zoom lesnes cost like the used body itself! And screen doesn't flip up which I need when I'm shooting insects on the ground. Also there are no "scenes" that could help digital beginner shoot with correct settings. On the other hand it's small and can imitate film colors.

Why do you want to imitate film colours ?

If you really want to mess with the colours, there are plenty of programs for doing that on a computer.

Olympus OM-D E-M10 mark II has this cool focus bracketing which is good for macro and isn't pricey but we don't even know if Olympus will support their camera business any longer. And 2x crop makes most of my collection telephotos.
These ramblings go on and on and I don't know what to do...

Fortunately, you can get good results with almost any mirrorless camera. So don't stress too much.

Macro lenses work particularly well.

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