Any reason to go 5DIV over R5?

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Re: Any reason to go 5DIV over R5?

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Confused. Like everyone else I want to love the R5 but....I don't know.

I mean once you get to a certain threshold of image quality does it even matter? I would think 5DIV is already there.

I'm with you there. But.....I do a lot of hiking at high elevation places and I just turned 60. With an arthritic and osteoporotic knee. That flippy screen is nice. And better DR. I can't complain about AF, I got images published in worldwide magazines from high speed sporting events with MF so the AF is amazing on the 5DIV. Lighter weight would be nice. Did I mention that flippy screen....? I almost starting thinking about a used Nikon Z7.....gasp...but Nikon is what I shot back in the film days.

Maybe consider the M6 mkii? Its a spectacular camera and very light. I'm pretty thrilled with it for wildlife shots and the high resolution makes it a great landscape camera too. Very overlooked, in my opinion

Can I add to your interesting thought?

For the price of an R5 or R6, you could get a 6DII and an original R.

I am shooting an original R and an original 6D.  The R is vastly superior for certain things.  For example, shifting a TSE lens freaks out the exposure program on a DSLR, in my case, throwing it off by four stops or more.  The R uses the main sensor to calculate exposure and nails a shifted lens as well as it would an unshifted lens.

At night, the EVF is like a night vision scope.  And what about low light focusing  My poor 6D can't even almost keep up.  In bright light, that advantage is diminished.  And I enjoy the view through the glass a lot more in the daytime but not at night.

In a challenging situation, I get a greater percentage of keepers from my R, but in any situation, my keepers from the 6D require a lot fewer adjustment to color and contrast.  The 6D files are just beautiful right out of the camera.  The R files are beautiful too, maybe even more beautiful, but after more processing.

It also irritates me a little having to use the center point after the touch and drag movement of the focus point on the R.  (I don't track.  I use single point or expanded point focusing.)

If, as you suggest, the 6D2 is pretty advanced and follows wildlife pretty well, and if the files are as easy to work with as the original 6, the 6DII combined with the R might be a good choice for the OP or for me.

Good thought.

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